Natasha Fyles & Gary Higgins on social issues Vs the economy.

On Friday Independent Member for Blain Terry Mills was on 360 with Katie Woolf and he commented that the Government is focusing on social issues and needs to look closely to law and order and the economy. Today Katie woolf spoke with Natasha Fyles the Attorney General and Health Minister as well as the Leader of opposition Gary Higgins and asked if the government is doing enough when it comes to the economy? 

Minister Fyles said "As a government we are putting in as much as we can to support the local economy."

Gary Higgins says the Government should be doing more to focus on the economy.

"We are spending alot of time looking at social issues and we need to be concentrating on the economy," Higgins said.  

Do you think the Government is doing enough when it comes to the economy and law and order?

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Listen to the full interviews below


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