Berry Springs Tavern broken into twice in seven days

The Berry Springs Tavern has been broken into twice over the past seven-days with almost $10 000 damage caused. 

Publican Ian Sloan caught up with Katie Woolf on 360 this morning and said it wasn't just the financial loss but the loss of trade and business interruption which was having an impact.
"Cigarettes, booze, damage to cabinets and inside was caused but it isn't just the monetary effect, staff are nervous when they come to work. It's the inconvenience, preparing insurance, cleaning up and the time away from your family. It's really disappointing," Mr Sloan said.
Garry Higgins also spoke on 360 and said more could be done to prevent crime in the Rural Area.
"When you go out into the Rural Area, there is a lot of distance between the centres. Police have a large area to cover. My understanding is the Humpty Doo Police station is closed of a night time and there is only one vehicle that patrols that whole area. It's a massive area to cover," Mr Higgins said.
"This is an issue which we need to address. I fully support the initiatives of the Government in diversion and night patrols in the city and Palmerston but  we have to be very careful that we are not shifting the problem. There is a high risk we are going to shift the problem and we have to be aware of that."
You can hear the interviews in full here.