AFANT calls for further PFAS testing in NT waterways


AFANT President Warren De With has called on the Department of Defence to extend testing of fish in Top End Waterways after it was revealed PFAS levels in Barramundi were 17 times the recommended level.

“We are certainly concerned about the level of PFAS and we are calling on the Defence Department and the Government to increase their monitoring and testing further afield,” Mr De With said.

“Some of the levels were 17 times the recommended level. The samling needs to be more extensive, they sampled 98 fish which is not a big sample. We have asked to increase that sampling range, increase the number of fish and include all the species of fish.

The Department of Defence have confirmed further testing will take place.

“In the next stage of work we will see more testing, further down river and into the Daly River,” Mr Steven Greskowiak Deputy Secretary of Department of Defence’s Estate and Infrastructure Group.

“If we have the information from this report earlier than April we will come and brief and make that available. I don’t know when we will have that information as the samples haven’t been taken yet.” He said.

Mr De With expressed concern about April not being early enough.

“The ramifications of this can be really widespread if we don’t control or understand what we are doing because the Daly is the number one iconic barramundi river in the Northern Territory. Last year 280 000 people visited night visits. So, we are talking about a lot of interaction between the public, the recreational fishing industry and the river itself,” Mr De With said.

You can hear the interview here.