Parliamentary inquiry into the NT Police Service

This week in Parliament Mrs Robyn Lambley, the Independent Member for Araluen, will move a motion that a broad Parliamentary inquiry be undertaken into the NT Police Service.
Mrs Lambley is recommending this inquiry provides an analysis of:
- Police numbers over the past 10 years
- Current challenges in the recruitment and retention of staff
- The allocation of staff
- Police communications
- The roles and responsibilities of Police
- Police resourcing; and
- Current risks and demands of the job.

Today on 360 Katie Woolf spoke with Ms Lambley who says numbers of police has been unknown for quite some time and she wants to understand why.

"I don't think we ever, ever as the public, Territorians get a clear picture of what's happening in the police service. We never ever get a clear picture of the numbers, I've been studying the numbers of the last six years. The CLP took their eye off the ball and the numbers declined, they promised to create 120 extra positions. I think they got up to 30 or 40. We just need some honesty and transparency. We need to understand what's happening in the police force. Neither party has really been honest with what's going on and its time to put a magnifying glass on it." Mrs Lambley said.

Listen below