How posh are you?





An etiquette expert has revealed the words that prove if you’re posh or not.
William Hanson claims saying "alcohol" instead of "booze" and "restaurant" over an "eatery" signifies you are upper class. Popping to the "lavatory" instead of the "toilet" and relaxing in the "drawing room" not the "lounge" also signals that you are posh.
Check how posh you are with the following common terms.
Alcohol - Booze
Antique/Old - Vintage
Avocado - Avo
Basement - Lower ground
Champagne/Prosecco - Bubbly
Film - Movie
(I'm) finished - (I'm) done
Hello - Hey
Invitation - Invite
May I have - Can I get
Napkin - Serviette
Pyjamas - PJs
Restaurant - Eatery
Sitting/Drawing Room - Lounge
Sofa - Couch
Taxi - Uber
Telephone/phone - iPhone
Term - Semester
Toasted sandwich - Toastie
(Do you) understand (me)? - (Do you) get (me)?
University - Uni
What? - Pardon?
Wine - Vino